Yellowkeet Technology Group – The Solution for your IT

Yellowkeet Technology Group is a full service IT solution for your business. Launching into existence in the last quarter of 2014, big things are expected for this well rounded, experienced...

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Will your website be penalized on the Google Search Engine?

On April 21, 2015 Google will begin to penalize users for having certain web content out there that is not “responsive”, or in other words, compatible and formatted for use...

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Pasting content into GitBash Window

Having trouble with pasting into the GitBash window? Right-click the top left corner of the GitBash window (the icon) select PROPERTIES and select “QUICK EDIT MODE”. You should now be...

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Social Media Manager for Businesses Cookeville, TN

Social Media Icons into Gmail

Google’s business tools continue to prove valuable and easy to scale in the business place. Google puts the power of document management, scheduling, email, and more at users fingertips. Yellowkeet...

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Social Media Manager Cookeville, TN

Yellowkeet Tweet!

The Yellowkeet Technology Group has recently launched its new, fun and informative Yellowkeet Tweet campaign on the Twitter engine. Yellowkeet Tweet promises to be a great way to stay...

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