Why are Smart Companies trusting VoIP?

VoIP solutions professionally installed by Yellowkeet, Inc offer a far more flexible phone solution for a fraction of the cost.

Cost Effectiveness

Stop paying more to get less

VoIP solutions use your already existing network so there is no need for costly installations or maintenance. If you have an internet connection, you are ready for a Hosted VoIP solution from Yellowkeet, Inc. In fact, we have gone as far to even eliminated the only cost which is the phones. You no longer need to even worry about the upfront cost of your phones systems. Through September 30, 2017 Yellowkeet, Inc will include certain model phones into your month to month plan, with no long term contracts and at no additional cost to you! There has never been a better time than now to call us for a free estimate.

Flexible Business Solutions

The world is your office

When considering the speed of today’s business world, companies need the ability to adapt quickly, especially in regards to communication. Sales to Executives need the flexibility to work just about anywhere without relying on personal cell phones. VoIP offers that scalability with the internet as it’s backbone. With the ability to plug a phone into any network, regardless of location, you can take that business critical call right at your extension, as if you never left the office. And if you still want to use that cell phone, we can include that in your VoIP solution.

Ease of Use is Key

Simple is always better

Voice over IP uses your existing network, which doesn’t require extra antiquated analog phone lines to be installed in your office. Installation is as simple as plugging new phones into your existing network. Need to add phones for new employees? Yellowkeet, Inc can have your new employee connected and communicating over their new phone in minutes.

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